giovedì 14 aprile 2011



This is the first release of SESSOVIOLENTO.
Cathartic violence through blackned punk riffs layerd and coated with harsh atmospheres and pure filth.
Unfortunately for the lack of money we have been unable to release this on any format.
If anybody wants to help us releasing this first release, please drop an email.
Soon PRISON TATT is going to put out the first full length on a one sided vinyl.

this is the link to download the first demo:


mercoledì 13 aprile 2011


II (Side B):

SUBUBTROPICS RECORDS has finally released on cassette format COPROPHAGIC SUBSTRATUM "A Libidinal Hypothesis".

Delving into heavy layered textures of spastic cadence and sometimes sustained harshness, this is the first cassette release by the brazilian/italian duo CS (on subsubtropics records). They bring into play free improvisational strategies whilst engaging with diverse sound sources ranging from large self-made drilling machines to microscopic singing bowls, the most hazardous kitchen utensils to the occasional analog synthesizer and the manipulation of, believe it or not, invisible feedback... All tracks were recorded live in a grotto in the surroundings of the New River in north London. The culmination of it all amounts to an uncontaminated but feverish discharge of libidinal sonic matter.

if any of you have any interest to purchase one copy just click over HERE

Im attaching the first COPROPHAGIC SUBSTRATUM product that has been released on digital format and free for download.
Coprophagic Substratum's Laconical Entanglement subsumes into its lo-fi sonic milieu the drastic performative outbursts of dissonance, free-formness and ugliness and through that it strives to reconcile the sound-material into a somewhat cogent structure.
Free MP3 release

Link Below:


domenica 10 aprile 2011


We recently got sick at the way things are turning into this new gay wave of the made up genre "Powerviolence".
Cthulhu Youth was not conceived to be another cocksucker fan band of man is the bastard,spazz or anyother band that comes out on Wikipedia under the term "Powerviolence".
Its a sad disevolution that is going to flow in another copycat dresscode movement.
When we started this band we just wanted to layer fast crap mixed with some good harsh sounds and sung on top of it any sort of shit that was happening in our lifes.

The only thing that has inspired us has been our friend and his ideas.
The translation of his lifestyle mentality to music has been one of the most sublime sounds our ears have come across.
He is the man behind the verb PUMP and the word CREATINE.

Cease To Exist is still looking for someone that is willing to release their LP!
I dont want to start banging on how cool they are and how "pregnant" of violence their music is.
Its a good mixture of LLN 80's vibe with some Hardcore beats.
Check their stuff out:

Our next show is going to be on the 18th of May at the Unicorn with some other bands.
If anybody happens to be in london this week, come down to the Retox gig at the old blue with Warm Ways and Mob Rules.