venerdì 28 gennaio 2011


Old Blue Last 22 of January, show with latitudes, hammerst and bast.
Should have been the first live session of Cthulhu Youth but unfortunately our drummer pulled out at the last moment.
We have performed with the sound artist Vinicius Duarte from Subsubtropicalrecords under the name
OMNIA MUTANTUR ( latin for "everything changes").
This project has been practised only a few times and was not expected to take part of the gig.
Simply, we didnt want to refuse the chance to perform at a good night like the ones organized by Friends Of Ahab.
Even if i could, i do not know what words to describe OMNIA MUTANTUR.
The sound resemble a cosmogonal warfare blasting in the celestial garden of Eden.
We are plannig on releasing our first track at the beginning of march on Subsubtropics record.

The next gig of Cthulhu Youth is going to be on the  12th of March.!/event.php?eid=147597145294941
Details of the gig are posted on the link above.

                                                 HAIL THE NIQAB!HAIL THE COCK!